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This IP was reported 5 times. Confidence of Abuse is 22%: ?


Important Note: Public IPv6 addresses may implement the SLAAC privacy extension. With this, the interface identifier is randomly generated. The SLAAC privacy extension also implements a time out, which is configurable, so that the IPv6 interface addresses will be discarded and a new interface identifier is generated.

ISP Hurricane Electric LLC
Usage Type Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit
Domain Name he.net
Country United States of America
City Fremont, California

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IP Abuse Reports for 2001:470:2cc:1:a4f6:da94:9d19:bb42:

This IP address has been reported a total of 5 times from 4 distinct sources. 2001:470:2cc:1:a4f6:da94:9d19:bb42 was first reported on , and the most recent report was .

Old Reports: The most recent abuse report for this IP address is from . It is possible that this IP is no longer involved in abusive activities.

Reporter IoA Timestamp in UTC Comment Categories
FW-PortScan: Traffic Blocked srcport=42845 dstport=53
DNS Poisoning Port Scan Hacking
Fail2Ban triggered
Web App Attack
Port Scan
FW-PortScan: Traffic Blocked srcport=44270 dstport=85
Port Scan

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