1. Q: What is Abuseipdb.com?
A: Using Abuseipdb you can check and report IP addresses that are involved in malicious activity.

2. Q: What is malicious activity?
A: In our vision a malicious activity from an IP address is but NOT limited to any spam, fraud, flood activity recorded for a specific IP address or an entire Hosting ISP.

3. Q: How much does it cost to use Abuseipdb?
A: Our mission is to help make Web safer that's why we will always have free plans for most of our users. Though we're planning to introduce special rates for corporate users that need more than free plans can provide.

4. Q: Can I integrate your API with my web site, blog, forum or billing ?
A: Yes, we provide an API for checking and reporting IP addresses, that can be used to integrate with any website. To be able to use our API you have to register an account


5. Q: Are there any restrictions or limitations?
A: Yes, due to limited resources free accounts will have 2500 requests/month (check and report individually) for API usage. Web version of our services do not have limitations.