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What is AbuseIPDB?

AbuseIPDB is a project managed by Marathon Studios Inc. Our mission is to help make Web safer by providing a central repository for webmasters, system administrators, and other interested parties to report and identify IP addresses that have been associated with malicious activity online. We're committed to keeping AbuseIPDB fast, available and free for all of our users and contributors. If you want to support this project, please consider donating!


SecurityTrails has the largest repository of historical DNS and WHOIS records. This type of access is a powerful forensic tool for tracking down and investigating malicious IP addresses. Check them out!

IP2Location has donated a subscription of their high-quality GeoIP database to AbuseIPDB. This allows us to provide useful information about malicious IPs, included ISP, Usage Type, and Location. Thank you for your support!

AbuseIPDB helps webmasters compare notes and block bad IP addresses.

As anyone who has maintained a website or server knows, the entire Internet is being continually scanned and subjected to malicious attacks attempts like those listed above, which are being carried out en-masse by hackers, spammers, and other bad actors from around the world. These actors use automated software to scan and attack millions of targets twenty-four hours a day - often originating from IP addresses associated with shady hosting companies, botnets, hacked servers, or other machines otherwise controlled by hackers.

While these wide-ranging attacks help hackers raise their chances of finding a vulnerable target to exploit, they also provide the opportunity for webmasters and systems administrators to share their system logs and proactively detect and mitigate attacks coming from IP addresses that are known to be associated with malicious activity.

That's our mission at AbuseIPDB - to provide an easy way for sysadmins to both report malicious IP addresses, and gain access to a crowdsourced list of bad IPs before they've even had the chance to attack your infrastructure.

You can learn more about how to use AbuseIPDB at our FAQ, manually report an IP, or sign up for a free account to access our API here.

To get in touch, use the contact form or find us on twitter at @abuseIPDB.

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