New Features Proposal — Call for Feedback

As many of you know, was acquired in April 2016. Since then we have completely overhauled the front-end and back-end of the site. Our main goals have been to improve the user interface, increase security to protect users, make the Internet a safer place by more effectively sharing information about malicious IP addresses.

This overhaul has not been without its problems, but we have worked with the community to overcome many of these issues. Without support from you, the community, AbuseIPDB would not be possible - we're very thankful for your feedback and suggestions!

AbuseIPDB New Features

We are currently in the process of developing some major new features for AbuseIPDB, and we would like your feedback as we progress.

Over the last 6 months we have received a lot of great feedback and we have used this information to improve the site.

The most common feedback we receive is from users asking for bulk IP address lists for their firewall or fail2ban module.

Until now AbuseIPDB has not provided any bulk IP lists, with only single-IP lookups available through the API. In the coming weeks we plan to introduce a premium AbuseIPDB membership that will include access to bulk IP address lists. These lists will allow you to proactively block hackers and spammers identified by the AbuseIPDB community.

We intend on making these downloadable blacklists customizable, and usable with fail2ban and other firewall software.

We Need Your Help — New Features Survey

AbuseIPDB has always been community driven. We need your help to continue improving the site and developing the tools and features you need to protect your servers.

If you are interested in helping shape our upcoming features and improvements, please take a few minutes to answer a short Google survey with your feedback! We will read every response, and hope to use many of your suggestions in the final product.

Click here to take the short survey (less than 5 minutes):

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